Ship - Vestal


Ship Dimensions:
Length: 100 feet
Breadth: 20 feet
Depth: 15 feet, with 5 foot drag.
Decks: 3 decks, top (deck, captain’s and lieutenant quarters, mid (crew living area), bottom (hold, rowing benches)

Crew Size Requirements:
Minimum: 10
Optimum: 20
Maximum: 50

Current: 10 (5 port, 4 starboard, 1 aft)
Maximum: 18 (8 port, 8 starboard, 2 aft)

Average: 10 knots
Maximum: 15 knots
Daily: 100-125 miles with trained crew.

Crew Assignments:
Captain – Hallbjorn
Lieutenant – Jean Luc Versai
Ship’s Master – Alexandr
Quartermaster – Crewman #1
Helmsman – Crewman #2
Cook – Crewman #3
Boatswain – Rickard J. Hark
Sailmaker – Crewman #4
Master of the Tops – Crewman #5
Master of the Forecastle – Asgerd
Carpenter – Crewman #6
Master Gunner – Crewman #7
Surgeon – Castille Doc


The use of numerous sails provides faster reaction times to facilitate better handling. Due to the smaller size of the sails, the brig’s rigging can be handled by a much smaller crew than that of the brigantine. The typical ship can effectively operate with a crew of 15 to 20 members, depending on the skill of the crew. Even with the smaller crew size in comparison to other ships, however, the brig’s crew is considered large for the size of the ship.

A uniquely designed ship, this vessel is designed for both sailing and rowing. This design made the ship quite useful for military prison operations because prisoners could be forced to work at rowing the vessel. It also made these ships a useful part of the cargo shipping industry because traders could maneuver the ships into places that traditional sailing ships could not effectively reach.

In military usage, these ships were sometimes outfitted as warships. Brigs sometimes carried between 10 and 18 guns, making them a deadly adversary against larger sailing rigs that could not outmaneuver the smaller craft. Due to the ship’s precise handling and speed, the brig fell into favor with pirates.

Ship - Vestal

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