Jean Luc Versai

Sex – Male
Nationality – Montainge
Profession – Courtier
Memberships – Swordsman’s Guild
Brawn (2)
Finesse (2)
Wits (3)
Resolve (3)
Panache (2)
Defeated (2HP)
Vendetta (2HP)
Able Drinker
Appearance (10HP)
Dangerous Beauty
Indomitable Will
Valroux Courtier Performer
Double Parry(1) Dancing (2) Dancing(2)
Feint (1) Etiquette (1) Oratory (2)
Tagging (1) Fashion (1) Acting (1)
Exploit Weakness (1) Oratory (2) Singing(1)
Sincerity (1) Cold Read (1)
Sailor Scholar Criminal
Balance (1) History (2) Gambling (1)
Climbing (1) Mathematics (1) Shadowing (2)
Knotwork (1) Philosophy (1) Stealth (2)
Rigging (1) Research (1) Lockpicking (1)
Pickpocket (1)
Fencing Knife Spy
Attack (3) Attack (1) Shadowing (2)
Parry (1) Parry (2) Stealth (1)
Languages Speak? Read/Write?
Montaigne Yes Yes
Avalon Yes No
Castille Yes No
Eisen Yes No
Vendel Yes No
Vodacce Yes No
Sailor Speak Yes No

The Versai Family has been one of the most powerful and most influential in all Theah. Jean-Luc and his two brothers grew up and wanted for nothing. Maids, butlers, and chefs provided all the parenting the boys would ever have; their father was far too busy establishing the family name, and the mother was too busy involved in various philanthropy to even care.

On a fall evening, not long after Jean-Luc’s 15th birthday, the family received some disturbing news. Their father, in a rash attempt to further establish the name, had fallen in with the wrong crowd and been found dead in a hotel room in town. The family paid large sums of money to cover up the affair, desperate to cover up any trace of the event. Successful, the family had a little less money, but their name remained to rebuild.

Jean-Luc, the eldest began to work the nobles, using his good looks and social suave to begin lining up clients and backers. Unfortunately, no one was left to care for his dear mother. She had turned to drink in the months after his father had passed, and her lifestyle had become more questionable. She began bringing home male “suitors” for a single night only, and it pained him to have his little brothers have to bear this home life.

One day, his mother brought home a “special” suitor. Something worried Jean-Luc about his character, the way his mother raved drunkenly about how amazing he was. Jean-Luc tolerated the man, assuming he would be gone just like the rest in a few weeks. Then the unthinkable happened…
Jean-Luc awoke one morning early to the sound of screaming. He jumped out of bed and rushed down stairs, his feet flying down the stairs. His mother had died of over drinking. And here was her special friend, Mr. Pierre Clevaunt, with fresh marriage papers in hand. Jean-Luc was outraged!! This man had stolen his mother, and consequently his heritage! He lunged at the man, choking the life out of him before the guard (there to inform the bereaved) pulled him off. Jean-Luc vowed revenge. This man would taste the edge of his blade before he breathed his last.

The following years were miserable. Jean-Luc had to survive on his wits. His good looks and skills in social performance made ends meet, eventually turning to crime and espionage. But he never saw his estate or his brothers again…

Jean Luc Versai

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