7th Sea Adventure

The Aftermath

Once the dust settles and the women are taken care of Hallbjorn and Rickard gather the women up and discuss their captivity. One of the women is less phased with the situation and more responsive gives the two men a breakdown of what has happened and how they ended up there.

The two women were stowaways on a ship leaving castille. They had escaped from the bastion, with their very lives. The are fugitives running from the inqusition. They were both hunted because tey are both of noble bloodlines and the magic involved within them.

One of the women was Vodacce, the other Vendel. Comrades of the same nationalitity peak Hallbjorn’s interest and he provides special protection for the Vendel women. After verifying hostages were ok, they then turn their sights on the two unconscious men. They are bound in the same shackles as the women until a better holding cell can be found.

The remainder of the facility is searched. A few hostages were found here and there as they searched but everything was a expected. As they continue around the curve of the hallway they find another room filled with only one man enough medical supplies to triage an army. The door is barred from the outside and the man inside very timid. Hallbjorn takes it upon himself to free this man. He lifts the bar and opens the door, but even still the man does not come out or even but seems interested in these few men standing in front of motioning him out of the room. He is still not very interested in leaving but does show some interest in what is happening. Hallbjorn pulls the door off the hindges and places it against the the opposite wall in the hallway. He then stands back and allows the man to exit the room.

Slowly and with great care the man moves towards the door, ever wary of the injured expected. Once the man is out of the room, Hallbjorn tries communicating with him, but it is useless. The language barrier is too far gapped. Hallbjorn turns to one of the men helping explore the place and has him go and find Rickard for translation. After a few minutes Rickard shows up and provides translation for the situation. They are then able to find out about the man and his incarceration.

After much back and forth between the prisoner, Rickard, as translator, and Hallbjorn. The prisoner is able to provide the men with a detailed account of his imprisionment and what he was forced to do for the pirates and their captain. Mainly he was to treat and heal any pirate that entered into his room. Anytime they died in his care, even if it wasn’t his fault or beyond his skill as a doctor, they would withold food and water. There were several times he nearly died because of the number of pirates dying due to fighting or brawls. Finally, they are able to get a name, Domingo, out of the man.

After they were able to reassure Domingo they were the rescue party never expected, they decide it would be wise to move both of the prisioner pirates to the doctors prision and provide medical treatment so they are able to find out anything useful about the island as well there location in relation to the rest of the world.

They are able to move the prisoners with ease and have the doctor work towards trying to revive these men. One impossible, the other slowly regains consciousness and they are able to interrogate him. At first he was unwilling to provide any assistance, but through slow prodding they are able to get him to loosen his tongue a little bit. After not obtaining much information they then inform the prisioner they were getting nowhere and without his full attention and responsivness the vodacce women would be able to have a talk with him. Instantly his attention refocused and he provided all of the information they were wanting. Including the purpose of this place and why they were there.

Once all of the information had been obtained the prisoner askes if he can be released with a small boat to sail away, Hallbjorn just slowly turns away, allowing in Clarissa to “acquire” any addtional information. The prisoners eyes widen as the vodaccee fate weaver enters into the room. Terror fills his voice as he screams, begging for sort of release. Hallbjorn continues on shutting the door behind him to muffle the screams.

In the room, Clarissa slowly lays out her cards. Each one connected to a string in the man’s life. Once all parts of the man’s past, present and future are layed out in front of her she closes her eyes concentrates on the world around her. Slowly, she reaches up, grabbing an invisible thread in the air, and slowly pulling, the card attached slowly slides across the floor. She continues to pull until the string is stretched taught. At this point she pinches the line with her other hand severing the connection. Screaming ensues as the man clutches his head.

Clarissa then grabs another and another, slowly muttering about the man’s past, “your first love, now who was that again?”, “could you let me know your mother’s name?”, “what about your youngest sister?”.

The man taught hard, but the more threads she broke the more he forgot and the more ties to all of humanity and the gods were broken. Finally, after the final thread is broken she stands up, her own blood covering herself, and staggers from the room. Once outside she collapses at the feet of Hallbjorn.

Seeing her injuries he quickly runs to the room where she was and finds the man, still bound, but squirming to get free. The eyes of the prisoner vacant, but as Hallbjorn runs into the room the head of the prisoner turns and struggles more violently to break free. Hallbjorn stares at the horrific sight. After a time, the prisoners arms are starting to wear through, exposing bone. There seems to be no pain response from the prisoner.

Hallbjorn decides to end this man’s suffering. He unshealths his sword and with one mighty swing he beheads the prisoner. Instead of the movement in the body stopping, it increases 10 fold. He then turns his blade to the body. Severing all parts from the torso, then cleaving the torso in half as well. This only increases the frenzy because now the body parts that have been loosed from the binding are all acting with a singular purpose, to escape.

One of the hands scurries from the room and down the hallway, Hallbjorn in pursuit. He discovers the hand next to a smooth wall trying to hop up and place a certain hand posture into the wall, but is unable to get the height needed. Hallbjorn is able to gather together all of the escaped body parts and throws them into a hastily created fire, destroying all remains of the rejected corpse.



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