7th Sea Adventure

Opening Night

Traveling through the seas even during good weather is risky to say the least. There is always the danger of pirate attacks, sea monsters, mutiny, and disease. This was the case for the explorer’s society vessel the Vestal. They started there journey 2 weeks ago and had a pleasant journey.

Suddenly there was a scream from the crows nest. Sails on the horizon. Concerns of pirates, brigands, privateers, and inquisitors flashed through the heads of the crew. Minutes passed, seeming like hours, waiting on the crows nest to indentify the flag the ship would be sailing. Finally, the sailor scream, “pirates!!!” The crew immediately became a bustling frenzy of movement doing everything in there power to increase the speed of their ship.

Time seemed to stretch on forever as no distanced was gain by the pirate vessel, but none lost either. All of the sudden the wind fails and the pirate ship begins gaining. The Vestal starts loading cannons full of round shot firing them, in the hopes they are able to sink the pirate ship before they are boarded. It seems like nothing has the ability to stop the ship heading directly for the Vestal.

As they get closer the crew can hear the whips cracking against the backs of the slaves rowing the oars on the pirate ship. Finally, a crash and the cracking of wood as the pirate ship slams into the starboard side of the ship, sending several crew man overboard. The pirates quickly start boarding killing or disabling all those who stand in there way.

After all crew have been disabled, thrown overboard, or killed the pirates ransack the ship taking all of the valuables they can grab. Once they have completed their task and gather new slaves for rowing they scuttle the ship.

Weeks pass as Hallbjorn and Rickard are forced to row the ship, stripped of all their belongings and left only with a loin cloth for comfort. Whipped continually as they fail to row or punished simply for the enjoyment of the sadistic slave driver, they work towards exhaustion.

One evening, the ship’s slave driver, with an evil grin states they are returning home and they will have plenty of work for the slaves once they have landed on shore. He then leaves and joins in the merriment of the crew on the main deck, rejoicing and indulging in their spoils. Hallbjorn hears the ruckus above and decides it is now or never for the escape. He snaps the oar in half, then over his knee freeing his hands and providing several impressive weapons. Unfortunately for the man sitting next to him, the oar was more than he had the strength to hold and was ripped out of the oar hole, leaving behind huge amounts of gore because of the shackled feet.

Hallbjorn then is able to successfully free Rickard, saving his row mate, before hey can hear drunken staggering down the stairs towards the rowing deck. He is able to move quickly and quietly enough up to the door before the man makes it down the stairs. Once the man walks through the door two oar handles are slammed into the back of his head and he stumbles forward. He is able to recover slightly before he is pinned by Hallbjorn. Rickard is able to take advantage of this and kicks the slave driver several times between the legs before he finally falls unconscious. Hallbjorn then breaks both his hands, takes the slave drivers broadsword, and tosses him to the slaves still chained amongst the oars.

Hallbjorn, gathers himself together, frees a few more captives, and heads up the stairs. Looking out onto the deck he is able to see absolute chaos. Several groups of pirates were in all out brawls with each other. A body is sprawled out in front of them. A quick glance above shows that he had decided it was a good idea to take a leap from the crow’s nest, plunge his scimitar into the sail and make a quick trip down. Unfortunately the sword bound up part way down and the pirate fell to his death.

Seconds after they made it to the deck one of the closest groups had one of the deckhands pull a sword from an officers belt and start running away from the mob, only to be cleaved in half by Hallbjorn. The mob rushes the two, Hallbjorn charges into the fray leaving Rickard defenseless, itching to fight with nothing on. He sees a nearby dead pirate, hurries over, removes the pants and then starts to put them on. Being nude for the past week has taken its toll and he will do anything and everything to make sure that he is wearing at least pants.

Rickard takes matters into his own hands heads up the rigging and for the sword bound in the sail. He is able to shimmy up there, swing towards the sail and grab the blade of the sword, cutting his hands. Rickard is somehow able to keep a hold of the rigging and pulls the sword from the sail. In trying to keep a hold of both the sword falls towards the deck, plunging headlong into the deck planks. In climbing down he is able start swinging on the rigging and uses the momentum to try to pull the sword from the deck. This fails nearly pulling his shoulder out of socket.

After landing, Rickard is finally able to pull the sword from the deck just in time to see Hallbjorn finish clean up the mess in front of him. The two then head towards the other side of the ship, killing all of the pirates they encounter. After they have moved through the blood and gore of the deck, they move through the crew’s sleeping area.

Most of the pirates, having indulged themselves to blackouts, lay sleeping in various positions around the room. Some were able to stumble into their bunks, but many were simple sprawled around the floor. Rickard takes it upon himself to rid the world of these scum. As he moves through the room, you can hear his blade slicing across the necks of these hapless individuals.

The progress onwards towards the hold of the ship, make a quick tally of their lost gear. In the middle of this, they hear shouts, screams, and very load thumping like something is hitting the deck with serious force. They head towards the noise, hoping to be able to dispatch any additional pirates they may have missed along the way. As the breach the exit onto the deck, they see a huge sea serpent, battling the few pirates remaining, the captain included.

Hallbjorn, look at the situation and decides it is better if he doesn’t get involved and if there is anything left of the serpent when the remaining pirates are gone, then he will do what he needs to at that point. Rickard, on the other hand sees the captain wearing all of his “fancy” clothes, decides he will do anything needed to protect his clothing. He heads towards the serpent and pirates and joins the fight.

In a matter of seconds the serpent has killed all pirates with the exception of the captain, who is holding his own. The captain makes one final plunge towards the snake with his rapier, burying he sword to the hilt into the snakes head. The snake recoils, pulling the captain with it into the depths of the ocean, Rickard’s cloths in tow.

Hallbjorn seizes the opportunity to cut off the head of oen of the pirates looking the most like the captain and head down to the slave galley. Once down there is gets everyone’s attention stating that it was him who killed the captain and he was the new captain of the ship. He frees a few more, then gives them the means to start freeing others. Upstairs he heads again, taking a nail and hammer and attaching the “captains” head to the main mast for all to see.

They then steer the ship to the closest piece of land, that just so happens to be the pirates own personal island. The circle the island once, then head into a small cove with a sandy beach. Once they have anchored the boat, they take several dingy to shore. The group explores all they can before nightfall, finding nothing interesting, and then makes camp. During the night there is a huge sleet storm, everyone huddles for cover along the tree line. After a horrible and uncomfortable night, they strike out again to finish exploring the island. Several things of note are some fruit trees on the south side of the island, and in the middle near a river there have been some crops that have been grown.

The only other interesting find on the island was a cave. Seeming carved from the rock, but not with any tools known to man. The group slowly enters the cave, working there was through the corridors, lit by small lanterns on the walls. Eventually, they come to a Y. They choose the right and work themselves along it slowly, venturing in to any rooms they come across. As they make there way down this side of the Y, they start to hear screams from lady. They continue at a more cautious pace, until they start to see a large cavern ahead. Peaking inside, they see 4 men around a table eating lunch, and they can hear screaming from a women on the other side of natural cavern curtain.

Hallbjorn take matters into his own hands and runs towards the 4 men eating dinner, throws the table up into the man across the table. The table knocks a man into the fire with the table on top of him. The screams from under the table are nearly unbearable combined with the stench of burning flesh. The 2 of the guys turn and run with no worry about there friend they are leaving behind. The last guy, completely in shock, just sits as Hallbjorn knocks him out.

Meanwhile, Rickard is looking around the corner to see about the women’s screams. There is a single pirate having his way with a women chained to the wall, with another women chain next to her cowering in the corner. Hallbjorn then comes barreling around the corning grabbing the guy by the hair, pulling him backwards, and slamming his head into the wall. They then take care of the two women, covering them with clothing, and helping them out of their shackles.



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