7th Sea Adventure

Island Cleanup

In the midst of all of the action surrounding the caves the crew left near the beach is being lead by the strong personality of Jean Luc Versai. He is organizing people into groups, cleaning up the remainder of the housing near the beach as well as getting people to check out the farming areas to see what needs to be done to them.

Through the forest they can hear a man running and screaming at them. Everyone is pensive and concerned for the brief moment, concerned he is the escaped pirate, before he breaks the treeline. There is a quick recognition of his benchmate and everyone’s fears are relieved. He then runs towards the group. Once there it takes him just a second to regain composure. Once he is able to speak coheriently, he informs the group the need for a doctor at the caves, one of the women in unconcious and bleeding from major cuts all over her body.

Jean Luc takes charge of the group and decides the caves seem to provide most security for the group. He encourages everyone to pick up all they can carry and head to the caves. A small group of men grumble about, fed up with continually being bossed around, doing nothing just sitting around. Jean Luc tries his hardest to convince these men the caves are the better place to be and being left along could spell disaster for them. Finally, after a little convincing the group gets up and starts walking, but none of them are carrying anything, just themselves up the pathway to the caves.

At this point, Jean Luc, has had enough of this foolishness and chooses what he thinks is the best way to handle the situation. He drops all he is carrying, runs towards the group of men while drawing his rapier, and stabs one of the grumbling group through the back, puncturing the kidney. He then informs the remainder of the group that anyone not carrying their own will be punished in the same way. The remainder of the dissenters head back down the path to the beach and each pick up minimal loads.

Jean Luc still frusterated, but seeing they are “helping” leads the group back towards the caves. Most of the way up the mountain in a small cervase they have to traverse, the group starts hearing a rumbling sound. This continues to get louder, until one of the group realizes it is a rockslide. The group hurries through the remainder of the area and most escape by the skin of their teeth. The small group unwilling to actually carry anything had slowly drug behind the group, and were unable to escape the rockslide.

Jean Luc takes advantage of this and informs those surviving, “this is what comes of those who provide nothing for the group and only look out for themselves.” This rant continues for a while, but for the most part it encourages those remaining. The remainder of the trek to the caves is plesant without any issues and the group arrives safely.

From here the doctor starts taking care of the injured women, while Jean Luc has to try and explain himself to Hallbjorn. Once they work through their differences in command, they focus on making the arriving group comfortable and housed within the rooms in the caves. Hallbjorn divides out takes for everyone, from cleaning to cooking, and everything in between. Jean Luc joins in, but soon hears of a locked door said to be cursed, and everyone attempting it will become consumed with opening it until either they succeed or they die from dehydration.

Jean Luc sees this as a challenege, he then decides that instead of putting himself in the line of fire he will find someone else with some skill to attempt the lock. They are able to find someone interested in the task, but before he is able to be quickly rushed over for an attempt Hallbjorn steps in and make sure the guy is fully aware of the situation. Jean Luc has convinced this guy so wholeheartedly, Hallbjorn’s words fall short and the man fall headlong into the challenege.

Once at the door the man gives the lock a quick look over, pulls out his lockpicks, and attempts the lock. Miraculously he is able to line up all of the tumblers and the latch disengages. The door, still closed is now open for anyone to enter. Jean Luc being the most warry stands to the side of the door, “shielding” the onlookers. Hallbjorn gets feed up and opens the door quickly, using the door as a shield against any potential traps. The door swings freely without incident and the room is open to them.

The two of them enter and search the room, but all that is found is a very ornatly dressed room with some ornate clothing in the drawers. Jean Luc’s big idea of lots of gold was smashed and leaves frusterated.

They then clean up the remainder of the caves and go looking for the run away pirate. Near the wall where they found the hand, they find a secret entrance to a tunnel system. In exploring the tunnels they find it is shaped like a wagon wheel with 6 spokes and 3 rings. Each closer ring has nicer and bigger rooms, with the outer ring having 10′ × 10′ rooms and a total of 150, the next ring 15′ × 15′ and a total of 75, the inner ring 20′ × 20′ and a total of 25 rooms and the final rooms just off the center of the wheel having the largest at 25′ × 25′. All of the rooms are completely bare having nothing, but the inner 4 rooms have a 4 unique statues carved out of the floor and streatching to the ceiling.

They find a back entrance to the tunnels leading to the moutains and Hallbjorn and Jean Luc continue their search sending everyone else back into the caves. Once out of the tunnels and on top of the moutain they are able to see a small thin smoke trail ahead of them. they proceed to investigate, having a minor mishap, but arrive at the location no more than a little bruised from the fall.

The two slowly creep up to the treeline and look towards the smoke trail. They see a very small campfire at the mouth of a dark cave. Jean Luc takes the initiative and starts moving silently across the clearing towards the cave entrance; careful not to make any sound. The seconds tick by, turning to minutes, but finally, he is able to move close enough to see the pirate must be farther in the cave. Jean Luc motions to Hallbjorn, who moves quickly to the entrance as “quietly” as able.

The pair the moves into the caves, Jean Luc leading the way with Hallbjorn keeping his distance to avoid making a sound.



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